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Magnetic Quadtiture Vortex FAQ


--- Цитат ---It is fantastic news to hear that a civilian like Marinov has
successfully created a magnetic quadrature vortex field. I first
learned of the vortex field 10 years ago from a document published by
a retired colonel from the US military on the USENT in the mid
1980's. He claimed to have assisted in the construction of the field
for the infamous Philadelphia experiment and he continued the work
with the Government into the 1960's where they researched the
technology for the use of what he called "lightlines".

I made an attempt at building one a few years back. My experiment was
not complete and I always planned on doing additional experimentation
but I was distracted by other research. When I read the Marinov notes
published by Vencislav Bujic back in 2002 I was shocked at how
closely the description matched what the Colonel described. The
vocabulary (e.g. "excitation") and the explanation were so similar
that I would bet Marinov used the same if not a close source.

I am not sure how much everyone in this group knows about the
magnetic vortex so I thought I would make an FAQ that shares some of
the insight I have gained about this device in the past 10 years.
Feel free to contact me at chadj@....

Q: Is this Marinov's invention?
A: My guess is No. I don't know exactly where the technology
originated but it was developed enough by 1945 that an entire naval
ship was surrounded by the electron sheet. The United States was at
war and they figured the electron sheet would bend radar around the
ship giving it stealth capabilities. They got much more from the
field then they expected and the rest is history. I heard a rumor
that primitive vortex field was tested as early as 1914.

Q: What does the device do?
A: Essentially it lowers the density of free space in a localized
region. Spatial density is characterized by the 2 constants of nature
called the magnetic permeability and the electric permittivity

The ratio of these two constants determines the speed of light which
is characterized by the electromagnetic wave equation.

In a denser medium like water the constants are greater and so light
slows down and refracts (or bends) at the surface of the water. This
field does the reverse by decreasing constants which increases the
speed of light relative to an observer outside the field.

Q: So the field enables faster then light travel? What about
Relativity and time dilation?
A: The observer inside the field will still experience time dilation
as he approaches light speed but because he observes a faster speed
of light the effects of time dilation happen at a different rate.
There are many other exotic and more fascinating effects that he will
notice relative to outside observers that include a decrease of
inertia, faster time, changes in atomic orbits, and changes in the
information content of signals.

Q: What do you mean by bandwidth decompression? Is this what Marinov
was referring to when he mentioned "violation of the Shannon Limit"?
A: If you said yes then you are correct. The effect that I believe
has the most impact relates to the difference in bandwidth that a
signal has outside vs. inside the field. When a radio inside the
field transmits a signal to a receiver outside the frequency is
shifted down, bandwidth is reduced, and information is apparently
lost; however, this also works in reverse. One could observe a pure
sine wave outside the field gain information as it enters the field.
As the frequency is shifted up the signal decompresses and additional
information is observed. One then becomes aware of the fact that
there is a potentially infinite amount of information around us that
we are unable to observe.

Q: In the Philadelphia experiment the ship supposedly disappeared.
What was happening?
A: As it is with waves it shall also be with matter because of the
wave/particle duality.
The striking implication is that matter is subject to the same type
of information limits as waves because it is also a wave. This means
that in addition to hidden EM waves we could also have hidden matter.
In other words when we observe a different density of free space
there is the potential that the matter would get shifted with the EM

Q: Are you talking about shifting into another dimension?
A: I don't like the word "dimension" because the standard definition
refers to the minimum number of coordinates to locate a point. A
better word is "density" because we are talking about a shift that is
the result of a different observed density of space. Different
densities are realms that occupy the same space as our own but which
we cannot observe. A density has a characteristic wavelength and is
separated from other densities by a means comparable to the
separation of television channels.

Q: What about time travel?
A: I wish I could provide better speculation on the principle of how
this would work but I can't at this time. One source claimed that a
device capable of time travel would function in a way similar to the
vortex field but it would be more sophisticated. My guess is that it
would first be necessary to understand that the magnetic field
created from conventional electrical induction is not the only flavor
of energy we can use.

Q: How could time travel be possible if there are implied paradoxes?
A: Time travel is possible if we can accept that parallel universes
exist. When one travels to the past they would be a visitor from a
parallel universe and different timeline. If you went back to your
grade school and murdered yourself in the past then your past self
would die and you would continue to live unaffected.

Q: Are UFO's using this design?
A: I believe there are numerous ways to create these effects. The US
military chose the quadrature design because it is simple and
effective. I would not go so far as to say that all or even some
UFO's use the quadrature design. That would be like someone in 1930
assuming that people in the future would build radios with vacuum

Q: Sounds cool…so how do I build a quadrature amplifier?
A: For low frequencies < 100Khz there are a lot of options. I will
post to this group some a simple program I wrote that will turn the
sound card in your PC into a quadrature amplifier capable of
generating signals up to 22Khz. All you need to do is run the signal
into a stereo amplifier.

There may be 2 reasons you might not want to use this. First, you are
worried that I am really just trying to hack your computer (pardon
the humor). Second, you want higher frequencies because Marinov
reported that all the interesting stuff happens above 3Mhz. High
frequencies are a challenge for the amateur scientist because the
design options are more limited and the device is less forgiving of
problems in the physical construction. I would count out designs that
involve op-amps or pulse width modulation because they are too slow.
Something akin to colpitts oscillator or a negative resistance
oscillator is in the ballpark.

You can connect these oscillators so they modulate each other and
generate a quadrature signal.

I would also suggest searching the IEEE knowledge base because it is
a great resource and you can buy articles for about $13 USD.

Digikey is a good source for parts because the organization of their
catalog, searchable databases, and product documentation is the best

Q: Someone mentioned that the coils need to be impedance matched. How
and why do I need to do this?
A: If you don't then you won't transfer much power to the coils and
you could potentially fry the amplifier. To correctly match the
impedance the coil will need to have the correct number of turns and
you will need a reasonable resistive load. The steps involved in
doing this are:
1. Determine the desired current the coil will draw at your
target frequency.
2. Calculate the impedance of the load that includes the
inductance and resistance.
Z = sqrt(R^2 + L^2)
3. Design a coil with the desired inductance.

Q: How do I calculate the inductance of the coil?
A: Determining the inductance of the coil based on its geometry is
somewhat of a black art if you are not running a computer
simulation. I would suggest staring with an estimate and calculating
the inductance from a test circuit, then adjusting the number of
turns until you get the desired inductance. There is a simple formula
that will estimate the number of turns for your target inductance if
you know the number of turns and inductance of your test coil: N2 =
N1*sqrt(L2/L1). While working with frequencies in the Mhz range you
will not need many turns if any.

Q: Why are you spending time sharing this information?
A: Because I want to raise awareness that we do not need to accept
the limitations that have been imposed on us. We could be exploring
distant star systems and finding our true place in the cosmos but
instead we sit on our couch watching television shows like Stargate
SG1 or explore the mysteries of the new World of Warcraft feature
pack. I don't mean to be a critic of a great television series and
online game but I believe we can do better if we put our minds to it.
--- Край на цитат ---

В: Какво прави устройството?
О: По същество устройството променя пътността на пространството, в което се намира. Пространствената плътност се характеризира с двете константи в природата - магнитната проницаемост и електричната проницаемост.

Отношението на двете константи определя скоростта на светлината, която се описва с уравнението за електромагнитна вълна.

В по-плътна среда като например вода, двете константи са по-големи, така че светлината се забавя и пречупва на повърхността на водата. Полето в МАГВИД прави обратното, като намаля стойностите на константите и така се увеличава скоростта на светлината относително за човек извън полето.

В: Значи полето позволява пътуване със скорост по-голяма от скоростта на светлината? Какво може да се каже за относителността и разширение/изменение на времето?
О: Човек в полето ще изпита промяната във времето при достигането на скоростта на светлината, но тъй като той наблюдава по-бързо движеща се светлина, ефектите от изменението във времето ще се получават с различно темпо. Има много екзотични и увлекателни ефекти, които ще се наблюдават. Те включат намаляване на инерцията, по-бързо време, промяна в атомните орбити, промяна в информационното съдържание на сигналите.
(б.а. Стефан Маринов пише, че сигнали от чужди цивилизации достигат до нас в диапазона до 100 херца. Обяснява, че информацията в тях е "компресирана", но може да се използват различни техники, които да я извадят. Компресирана е, защото за нас тези вълни изглеждат като 100 херцови, но всъщност са компресирани във времето. Същото представляват и мозъчните вълни, които са в диапазона 20-60 херца, но ние за сега ги виждаме само на електроенцефалограф - ЕЕГ).

В: Какво имате впредвид под "декомпресия на честотната лента"? За това ли говореше Маринов, когато споменаваше за "нарушение в Лимитът на Shannon"?
O: Ако отговорът ви е "Да", значи сте познали. Ефектите, за които вярвам че са най- интересни се отнасят към разликите в "честотната лента" на сигнал, който даден сигнал има извън полето и вътре в полето. Когато радио, поставено в полето (въртящото се магнитно поле на Магвид) изпраща сигнал към приемник, който се намира извън полето, честотата се изменя надолу, честотната лента е намалена, информацията очевидно е изгубена. Обаче може да се наблюдава и обратният ефект. Някой може да вижда чиста синусоида извън полето, а вътре в полето тази синусоида да се "декомпресира" и ако вътре в нея има информация да бъде разчетена. Сега вече трябва да усещате, че има безкрайно много информация около нас, която можем да наблюдаваме.


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