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Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver:

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Digital 3nm closed loop stepper motor LC57H2100 position control system cnc Nema23 20-50VDC
BGN 181.38 с ДДС намаление -16% от BGN 215.94
Shipping: BGN 132.26
From China to Bulgaria via DHL
Estimated delivery on Oct 10


* Holding Torque: 3 (N.m)
* Certification: ce
* Step Angle(degrees): 1.8 degree
* Model Number: LCDA257S+LC57H2100
* Current / Phase: None
* Phase: 2
* Type: Hybrid
* Voltage: 36V
* Motor Type: Stepper Motor
* Power Supply: DC
* Power: 0.3 kw
* Rated voltage: 18-50 (VDC)
* Matchable motor: 2 phase 57 closed loop stepper motor
* Shaft Diameter: 8 (mm)
* Customization: Available
* Max Speed: 1200 (rpm)Packing List :
Motor: LC57H2100 is NEMA23 3Nm 4.0A current is a closed loop stepper motors with1000-line optical incremental encoders. The matched driver is LCDA257S, They all have encoder feedback, high speed, high precision.

Driver:LCDA257S 2 phase hybrid stepper servo drive system integrated servo control technology into the digital step driver. It adopts typical tricyclic control method which include current loop,speed loop and position loop.
1. Voltage input range: DC: 20V ~ 50V (recommended 36V or more)
2. Maximum peak current: 6A
3. Subdivision range: 400 ~ 51200ppr
4. Pulse form: pulse + direction, CW / CCW
5. Impulse response frequency: 0 ~ 200kHz
6. Logic input current: 10 ~ 20mA
7. Power-on parameter auto-tuning function
8. Closed-loop vector control to ensure that the motor high-speed high-torque output, while ensuring that the motor does not lose step
9. With over-voltage, over-current, tracking error tolerance and other protection functions

Encoder cable: 5m,1pcs

This product has the advantage of both step and servo system, is a highly cost-effective motion control products.

   Shenzhen Xinlichuan Electric Co., LTD, which was founded in 2009, is a high-tech enterprise integrating product R&D, manufacturing and sales of industrial automation control system in Shenzhen,China. Our main products include:

AC Servo Motor System   

Closed Loop Stepper Motor Kit   

Hybrid Stepper Motor and Stepper Motor Driver
High-precision Planetary Gearbox   

We are the offical distributor of weinview HMI, Hitech HMI, Fatek PLC, welcome to be our partners!

Besides,We also have our official Aliexpress store,you can buy some samples for testing if you are interested in our Lichuan products: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1907567
Shenzhen Xin Lichuan Electric CO.LTD
Contact person: Annie Cheng
Whatsapp:  +86 13714817266
wechat: lichuanmotor
Skype: annie_5543

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